Cartier Must 36.5 40mm Autoscaph 21 Automatic Midsize Steel Black dial w10147u2

  • $1,400.00

Cartier Must 40mm from side to crown, 36.5 mm from side to side

 Autoscaph 21 Automatic 

Midsize Steel Black dial bracelet

I'm pretty sure this is the correct model number: w10147u2


Seller's Comments: "This watch comes as pictured. It originally retailed for $3,300. It is not in the Best condition on the outside, but not SO bad. It does work fine and is sold as is. The band was old and stale and cracked so I bought an aftermarket band to replace it. I put the original cartier clasp on the aftermarket band, and actually changed out the links so that the stainless steel links on the top half are the original cartier links, so the only part that is actually aftermarket is the second part of the strap. All the metal parts of this watch are original Cartier, also the links attached to the metal are also original. I will include the links that came on the aftermarket band also, you may want to switch them back, they look identical. I just thought that it would be nice to have the original metal links. 



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