Rolex Dial Black Mother of Pearl Diamond for 36mm 18k White gold steel Datejust

  • $895.00

Original Rolex Dial Refinished in Black Mother of Pearl

Highest Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

VS Clarity F Color Diamonds added aftermarket

This Dial is for a 36mm Stainless Steel and 18k White Gold

Rolex Mens Datejust

Seller Comments: "This dial is a great price as it retails for $3,300! Give your watch a whole new look with this dial. You will love it! Even though this dial is technically for a men's 36mm Datejust, the women love this size watch, so the bling and the diamonds on the Black Mother of Pearl are perfect! Since Mother of Pearl comes from the inner lining of pearl oysters, freshwater pearl mussels, and abalone, it has natural differences. Notice how the two pictures look so different. I can promise you it is the same dial. Just small and simple differences in lighting and angle make big differences in the way it looks. The same goes when it's on your wrist, although some dials have more iridescent contrast than others. I love this particular dial! It brings the perfect amount of feminine touch with a neutral color to a men's size watch! As with all my custom dials, the quality matches the quality of a factory Rolex dial because it is an actual factory Rolex dial that is simply refinished with diamonds added custom. The dial will be a perfect fit because it is the actual Rolex dial. The watch hands won't get stuck on the diamonds, stopping time, as I have seen with low-quality custom dials. So when comparing prices, keep these things in mind. You do get what you pay for."

This dial is a fit for model numbers: 116200, 16200, 16220, 116234, 16234, 16030, 16014, 116189, 116199, 116244, 

If you send us a picture of your watch and the model number, we will be happy to confirm you are purchasing the correct dial. Also, we are able to change the dial for you for an additional charge, just ask.