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How can I contact Juell Time?

You can either fill out the contact form and prompt us to reach out to you as soon as we are available, or you can call or text us. Call our 800 number at 888-713-7222 or text us at 714-980-2374. We are happy to take email also, you can email Kelly’s team directly at and we will be happy to respond that way too. We hope to have a live chat option available soon on our website. Juell Time can also be found on several social media platforms. Facebook as “Kelly Juell” through our owner and founders personal profile. Facebook as “Juell Time” through our business page. Instagram through @JuellTime on our business page, and we do receive DM’s there too. Youtube @JuellTime. Pinterest @JuellTime. TikTok also @JuellTime. We recommend that you call or text or fill out this website form if you want to reach us the fastest.


Who will I speak with when I fill out the contact form?

After you fill out the contact form, a member of our team will reach out to you by way of the contact method you have provided for us. We will match you with the team member most qualified to help with your specific request. Kelly Juell is the owner and founder, she might even take some calls occasionally. Ron Bowling is her partner and the jewelry expert extraordinaire, you’ll be lucky if you get to speak with him! We have many more experts in the making ready to take your calls so we can guide you in the right direction.


What is the best way to contact Juell Time?

We offer our clients several different ways to communicate with us. Most people prefer either phone calls, text messaging, or email. We understand the different methods of communication work best for different people in different situations. For example, some people aren’t in a position to speak on the phone when discussing the gift they are buying their loved ones who might be standing in the room with them, so texting would be a better option. Some people would rather explain what they are trying to accomplish over the phone than trying to put it into words through text. We also work with email if our clients desire, although it isn’t the fastest method of communication. Either way you want to communicate, we do hope you are willing to get on a call at the beginning of our journey, so that we can get a feel for what you desires are. Once we have spoken, then we can spend the rest of our journey on text preferably but email works too. We all have iphones here at Juell Time, so if you have an iphone too, it makes it that much easier sending pics and videos back and forth, if you don’t have an iphone, no problem, we will make sure to send pics and videos one at a time.


Where is Juell Time located?

Juell Time is a 100% online store. We service clients all over the world. I know it seems crazy to spend thousands of dollars on something so personal through an online purchase without seeing it up front, but we have proven to our clients over and over again that this new way of online buying works amazingly well when you do a little bit of research on the company you are looking to do business with. We recommend you read our google reviews, watch our video testimonials, and even take a look at our ebay feedback and you’ll see why. We hope you will feel free to ask all the questions you need to. One thing that I found interesting regarding some clients’ resistance to online purchasing of high value fine jewelry is that they want to see things up front so that’s why they go into the brick and mortar stores. The funny thing is, when you order a custom piece, there is nothing to see in the store because they have to make it for you to see it, and when all is said and done, the communication regarding the design of your piece will be ultimately done the same way we do our communication as an online store. That said, oftentimes our clients keep coming back because they realized real quick that we make it so super easy, we provide an amazing product and all the details are worked out before it’s made. You can even have a 3d printed jewelry made of wax sent to your doorstep to see if the dimensions are what you thought they would be! How cool is that!?!


When is Juell Time open for business?

Because we are an all online store, we’re kinda like Denny’s, open 24/7. Okay, not really, but it seems that way to some people. We do have associates in the United States answering your questions and designing your pieces on the east coast and also on the West Coast so it often appears as though someone is working 20 hours a day. That said, we usually function at the highest capacity between the hours of 7am and 9pm pacific standard time.


Why can’t I pick up a product locally if I live in the Orange County area?

We do occasionally meet clients locally on a case by case basis, but it’s not ideal. It’s actually more cost effective and safe for everyone to use Fedex. As much as we love meeting new people (because I promise we aren’t hermits) we don’t get as much accomplished in the day if we have to change out of our pajamas and fix our hair, then drive to meet a client, and then of course, we can’t help it, we like to chit chat too. If you are concerned about buying online because you think you might get ripped off, we urge you to PLEASE read our google reviews and watch our video testimonials. In fact, who knows, maybe you’ll find out you know one of our customers.