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My name is Kelly Juell and I founded Juell Time over 20 years ago. We specialize in high quality customizations on luxury timepieces and fine jewelry designs. I was born into this industry and I was one of the first watch and jewelry sellers on ebay.

As the only female in a male dominated industry, I notice a difference in my way of thinking. My “unorthodox” business practices get me in trouble with my competitors. I’ve taught my clients to play the buying game right by giving them all their links back after sizing their watches, including their factory parts, and teaching them the investment aspect of keeping the boxes, papers and original parts with the watch.

Before we create your jewelry design, we ask you all the important questions like how and where you will wear the piece, how often, and under what circumstances. We work out all the tiny details, then send you a photo rendering for approval. This will help you make the best design decisions for your forever jewelry.

This has led to a high rate of repeat and word of mouth referrals. Like every other business, we are run by humans, and although we have a perfect 5 star rating on google, and a 23 year 100% positive feedback score on ebay–we make mistakes like everyone does. The thing that sets us apart is the extent we are willing to go to, when a mistake is made. I won’t sleep at night, if it’s not made right.

Custom watches have gained some bad rap momentum in the industry. The aftermarket parts that dealers use to personalize their clients’ timepieces are of low quality materials and workmanship, unworthy of any luxury watch.

My mission at Juell Time is to 1) change industry perceptions by showing everyone including the “frankenwatch” haters that high quality is possible with aftermarket, it’s just rare and 2) make it possible for other industry professionals to up their aftermarket game by providing wholesale high quality custom watch parts, watchmaker tools used to preserve valuable original parts, and education to watchmakers and jewelers worldwide.

We are offering a free custom design rendering for any fine jewelry or watch valued at one thousand dollars. Text us your screen shots and napkin drawings at 714-980-2374 or Call 888-713-7222

At Juell Time, when we create your custom timepiece we:
1) keep as much of the watch factory original as possible
2) use parts that function as intended by the factory
3) make it resurrectable if ever needed to be brought back to its original state
4) don’t modify high value factory parts if it’s possible to preserve them for you

At Juell Time, we aren’t in this for a quick easy deal, we’re in this for a long term relationship.

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Who is Kelly Juell?

Kelly Juell is the founder of Juell Time, a custom fine jewelry and luxury watch business. Kelly was born into the watch and jewelry industry so she has a lifetime of experience from working in her parents family business. In 1999, Kelly graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics, Food Science and Nutrition. Soon after she and her husband returned to her hometown in Southern California. While seeking employment in California as a new college graduate, she realized that climbing the career ladder would require a level of commitment that was not conducive to mothers who want to raise their own children and she wanted to start a family. The internet was still a fresh concept and she heard about this new website called ebay, where you could sell stuff and reach the entire world. She decided to start her own business selling luxury watches and fine jewelry online. In the beginning she didn’t have money to buy Rolex watches, so she sold her dad’s Rolex watches. Kelly raised four children while working from home for nearly 20 years while selling her dad’s watches on ebay. Eventually she began investing in her own pre-owned Rolex watches. It wasn’t long before she went from being a sole proprietor 1099’d by her dad, to becoming incorporated on her own company payroll. When her children got older, Kelly decided to get her own office space, and push forward on her dream of scaling her business. It all became a full circle moment when the tables turned and her dad became her client.


Who owns Juell Time?

The owner of Juell Time is Kelly Juell. Kelly paved the way as one of the first female watch dealers of our time. She was receiving special custom watch requests from clients all over the world through her ebay account. When she went to source the aftermarket parts for these custom requests, Kelly wasn’t satisfied with the quality of aftermarket products available on the market, in particular the red and blue ceramic “Pepsi” bezel insert for the GMT Master II. This sent her on a journey to find a higher quality ceramic bezel insert. When she realized it didn’t exist she decided to find a manufacturing team to do it correctly.


Who does Juell Time work with?

Juell Time is a retail and wholesale company. Juell Time started out in retail only but with the industry demands that came with her progress in the ceramic bezel manufacturing niche, many industry professionals such as watch dealers, jewelers, watchmakers, and other luxury store owners began reaching out to purchase her products. In order to keep the prices fair for the end user, and support her competitors in keeping their clients, she began teaching her competitors how to do these high quality customizations successfully by selling her products at volume discounted rates for industry professionals so that they could retain their own client relationships.


What Products does Juell Time Sell?

Juell Time sells custom fine jewelry and luxury timepieces, custom watch parts, bezels, dials, and bands, factory original watch parts, and watchmaker tools. We innovate and manufacture our own tools as needed in the industry.


What Services does Juell Time Offer?

Juell Time has a full in house watch service center where we provide timepiece maintenance and repairs. Juell Time also offers customization services for luxury timepieces. Juell Time refurbishes watches and watch parts.

Juell Time is an online only store dedicated to providing high quality luxury watch parts, tools for watchmakers, and custom fine jewelry to businesses and people worldwide.

Juell Time watch clients are luxury timepiece collectors, watchmakers, jewelers and even retail customers new to the watch world. Her fine jewelry clients are often word of mouth referrals and repeat watch customers who previously enjoyed the Juell Time experience with the purchase of a watch or watch parts, and the positive experience led them to another experience.


Where is Juell Time Located?

Juell Time is an all online store so we service people all over the world. We are located in Southern California in the Orange County area near Los Angeles. We do not have a showroom or brick and mortar store.


When was Juell Time started?

Kelly Juell, the owner of Juell Time, started her watch business in 1999 when she started selling on ebay. Over the years as she grew her business and in 2015 she officially named it Juell Time.