What questions do our clients ask themselves as they record their video testimonials?

We usually like to give our clients a format or outline to follow for our video testimonials just to make it easier in case they get camera shy. No pressure to answer these questions but if you get “stage fright” it helps to have a guide as a reminder. So the first question or prompt is simply, “what is your name?” Basically, “who are you?” or just introduce yourself by saying “Hi, my name is…” The second question or prompt is, “How did you hear about Juell Time?” and there are many different ways our clients were led to us. The third question is “What did you purchase or what service was performed?” and we ask both because we are also a full service center so some of our clients didn’t purchase a product necessarily but they purchased a service for example an overhaul on their luxury timepiece. The fourth question we ask is “how was the buying or service process?” and we do this because we want everyone to know more than just, if you liked what you got, but if you enjoyed the process, and last of course we all want to know, “do you recommend Juell Time?” and that’s the million dollar question right there! All of that said, if you are a client who would like to leave us a video testimonial, you can text it to Kelly at 714-980-2374. Feel free to follow your own format, there are no real rules, we just created some prompts to get your brain juices flowing about the things that matter to so many potential clients. Thank you for participating.


Who are the clients that give Juell Time these reviews?

These are our real clients who we appreciate so much for taking the time to do that for us. We have clients who find us on ebay, one of our websites, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, word of mouth referrals, trade show events, friends of employees, and friends of our owner. We also do community service events to contribute to the youth artist and athlete programs as our owner has children who are artists and athletes so they’re near and dear to her heart. Our products have often been seen at orchestra concerts, musical theater, Homecoming football games, and local community athletic Hall of Fame fundraisers. The people who so graciously purchase our jewelry at these events become great friends and clients and are always so willing to share their Juell Time experiences with you.


Why is it so important for Juell Time to get their clients to write reviews?

For Juell Time, our reviews are critical to our business model, more so than most brick and mortar type stores and here’s why. We ask strangers (new potential clients) to send us average $20,000 bank wires from across the country, and even world! Imagine not knowing who you are sending an irreversible bank wire to! That said, when our clients take the time to write a simple review and give a quick video testimonial, it helps us immensely so that other people know that we aren’t scammers out there ripping people off. It helps people feel more comfortable knowing that so many other people have had positive experiences in their transactions with us. Now we don’t expect everything to be perfect all the time but when we do slip up here and there we always do our best to make it right and make sure our clients are satisfied with our efforts to do so, that’s what makes us a little extra I guess you could say. We would like to think we’re extra anyway.


What do Juell Time clients have to say about us?

Juell Time clients have nothing but nice things to say about their experience with Juell Time. We have a pretty great track record, not to brag or anything, lol. But thus far as of January 2024 we have a 100% perfect feedback score on ebay, we have 430+ 100% perfect 5 star reviews on google, we have hundreds of video testimonials, and we are trying to get our Trust Pilot account taken down because some of our clients accidently gave us 5 star reviews on Trust Pilot instead of Google. If you’re wondering why we would want to take it down since there are no bad reviews on there, it’s because Trust Pilot is not a company that we can stand behind as their business practices are unethical. If a client gives you a 5 star review, Trust Pilot will change it and reduce it (without permission from the reviewer) to a 4 star and then 3 star review and claim that just the existence of time and the fact that time passes makes it logical to reduce a 5 star to a lesser level. They claim that a review that was given a 5 star rating at one point, should not be worth those 5 stars a year later, and that time alone makes it worth less. This practice is misleading to clients who would assume that the reviews given were less than 5 stars when they were not. This is how they extort money from businesses, and it’s what I would call cheating. This is why we at Juell Time don’t play their game. Google does remove some reviews and unfortunately they have chosen some of our most lively, positive reviews to randomly remove but they say it’s to prevent fake reviews. As much as I hate it, I understand that it is too much to manage without AI for a free review source.


How does Juell Time feel about their clients?

Our clients are really part of our family. We like to keep them close and know that they matter to us and that our business wouldn’t be here without them. We do our best to give them a positive experience and solve any problems that may arise as quickly as possible. Oftentimes our clients are like our partners in design crime, LOL. But for reals, they might come up with an idea and we would dive in together while planning out how we could execute that design most effectively. We love entertaining our clients’ design ideas while we all work together to figure it out.