Overhaul: In most cases if the watch has not been serviced in the last 3-5 years, you can assume it needs an overhaul, otherwise known as a complete service. This is regular maintenance. We take apart the entire movement and clean it thoroughly. The movement is painstakingly reassembled again piece by piece, the bearing surfaces are oiled, gaskets are replaced and the watch is officially waterproof tested–hence the term “watchmaker.” In most cases, this should be done every 3-5 years and the watch will be like a brand new watch inside when finished.

Symptoms: If the watch owner has reported any symptoms or conditions like the winding doesn’t feel like butter anymore, or it’s just not keeping time like it should–an overhaul alone will usually solve most of the typical problems of an automatic timepiece. If the watch needs any major parts, we will share our diagnostic findings with you upon assessment, email you a quote and time frame, and wait for your reply to move forward.

Signs of Water: If there is water in the watch, and you send it to us, assume at minimum an overhaul is needed. We will start immediately as time is of the essence. Signs of water entering a watch range from a foggy look under the crystal, haze on the inside surfaces, all the way to actual water droplets inside and on the dial. Rust will very quickly render a normal service into a very labor intensive and expensive one. This rust process is accelerated with salt water, so time is of the essence in protecting your timepiece. Unscrew (open) the crown immediately and please ship it priority overnight with the crown out to dry out the water.

Typical Time Frame: Upon inspection, if an overhaul is all that is needed, we will proceed immediately so that you can have your watch returned back in the fastest possible time frame. If nobody gets sick, it’s usually a week, give or take a couple days. If parts have to be made or ordered, there are some factors we can’t control, so the time frame will be on a case by case basis.

Rush Orders: Rush orders, add 35% plus any excessive priority overnight parts shipping charges. Juell Time does not keep one penny of this, we offer it because we understand that there are sometimes “emergency” situations and our employees are willing to participate. Here’s how it works. The only waive can offer this service while also conducting ethical business practices with all of our regular paying clients, is by making sure that the RUSH orders do not slow the regular orders. We offer our employees the opportunity to do the work after hours and give them full compensation of the RUSH fee.

Warranty: We offer a full 18 month warranty on our overhauls for most watches born in the year 2000 or newer. We offer a full 12 month warranty on our overhauls for most watches born between 1975 and 1999.

Overhaul on vintage timepieces: Vintage watches are unique situations. Proper restoration of a vintage timepiece often comes in conflict with ethical practice with regard to value retention. Our goal is to find the perfect balance and restore the greatest level of functionality and quality to all of our work without doing anything that would devalue the timepiece. This is one thing that sets us apart from Rolex Service Center (RSC). If you send a vintage Rolex into Rolex Service Center, they will not acknowledge the vintage value of the timepiece and will treat your watch the same as any other modern timepiece. They will replace and keep (steal) your high value vintage parts with their modern replacement versions which would be fine on a modern watch but is unethical business practice on a vintage watch. Vintage watches are subject to many variables: normal wear and tear based on service intervals, damage from use, modifications and shoddy repairs by past servicers, and the availability of parts themselves. We attempt to establish a reasonable estimated cost for our work, but even more so than normal, this is dependent on these variables and subject to change. This is why we cannot estimate the comparison of cost to service vintage watches at Rolex Service Centers, as such services are at the discretion of the service center and will often be declined for service. In addition, Rolex Service Center will not consistently respect the wishes of the client to preserve sometimes weathered high value vintage parts in favor of normal value pristine components.

Parts supplied from outside sources: Sourcing aftermarket / custom parts for precision instruments like timepieces is not an easy task. We have spent years weeding out poorly made parts manufacturers and have had to learn the hard way who the best suppliers are. We cannot be responsible for damage during installation to your aftermarket parts that are not a perfect fit. We cannot ensure the level of quality of outside parts suppliers. We commit to making our greatest attempt at installing components sent by the client, but such work is done at the discretion of our watchmaker–if the part is going to cause issues with the operation of the watch or needs significant modification or adjustment to fit, we reserve the right to decline service or add additional cost to these modifications for the extra time it takes to make it work.

Broken Crystal: Anytime the crystal is broken, the watch needs an overhaul. Even when the break looks like a simple crack, it is possible for minute glass fragments to get into the watch. On entering the date window or center of the dial where the hands come up, these pieces can wreak havoc, with effects ranging from simply stopping the watch to severely damaging the paint on the date disk.

Ceramic Bezel Insert Changes: In order to change a ceramic insert, the whole bezel has to be removed, then original insert removed. There is an inherent risk in this process, but we are working diligently to reduce that risk as much as possible.Previous to the removal tool we invented in house, it was hours of labor intensive effort to get it out without breaking it, but the statistics are such that a certain percentage of the time it would break anyway. So we invented a tool that removes the insert without breaking it then places it back on the watch. It is slightly labor intensive to get the replacement centered correctly in the metal bezel. We stand behind the quality of our products, and we will guarantee the client’s satisfaction with our ceramic inserts. If the client supplies a bezel insert from another source, we cannot guarantee that it will install correctly or not break, as we cannot verify the quality of inserts we do not provide. Additionally, there is always an inherent risk to work with bezel inserts, especially two-colored ceramics such as the red and blue GMT. Ceramic is glass.